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Cheryl Macdonald, Secretary

Cheryl was first aquainted with Dogo Argentino's when she boarded a Dogo for a friend, and went on to work with client Dogos for boarding and training. Cheryl and her husband, John, got their first Dogo Argentino almost 4 years ago and have had several since.

"I am constantly amazed at the versatility of this breed.", Cheryl says.

Cheryl has her Dogos involved in IGP, and has blown away members of her sport club with how her male has taken to the sport.

Cheryl is located in South Central Ontario, and is the current Provincial Representative for Ontario. In her role, she hopes to provide support and information to other Dogo Argentino owners, participate in Dogo-specific events and represent the Canadian Dogo Argentino Club at a regional level.

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