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Sara Beauchamp Hill,
Provincial Representative - Quebec


I have always loved dogs but I never had an interest in "soft breeds" as my uncle always owned Rottweilers. The first time I saw a Dogo Argentino was on a computer game when I was 10 years old.  The breed stayed on my mind until I met someone who was owned a dogo. I don’t know why, but in my mind it was not an accessible breed.  Part of this could have been because I’ve never had the chance to meet one.

I decided to have my first Dogo in 2021.  This is a breed made for me. I like working with true working dogs, they challenge me and allow me to learn more about canine behaviour.

I have always been interested in hunting, and I knew this breed was made for me and my husband. We really wanted a breed that can match our lifestyle.

I also love the History. So, having the chance to be part of the preservation of a breed is super important to me. We don’t know how dogs can be legit « historic treasures » that we have the chance to still have today.  It’s  important to remember where they are from and what they were created for. We (me and my husband) are committed to the preservation of the breed, and want the best for this breed.

In my role as breed representative it is very important remain empathic and understanding towards people who have questions or other ways of thinking.  I believe in educating people the best I can in a respectful way.

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