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Breeder Membership Program

The Canadian Dogo Argentino Club is committed to the preservation and protection of the Dogo Argentino in Canada. Part of that commitment involves identifying, supporting and fostering relationships with ethical breeders.

The CDAC Breeder Membership is a voluntary program for breeders who follow a Code of Ethics, established the national breed club. Breeders who partake in this program meet a minimum criterion for responsible breeding that includes:

  • Breeding stock registered with a recognized registry

  • Minimum Health Testing Requirements outlined in the CoE

  • Purposeful, planned breeding practices

  • Screening and selective placement of puppies

  • Support and engagement with all placed puppies through the lifetime of the dog.

Check out the Code of Ethical Conduct for Breeders - here.

Breeder Memberships cost $100 annually.

How to Apply?


Breeders who wish to participate in this program are required to:

  1. Complete the Breeder's Application

  2. Provide proof of registration for all current breeding stock

  3. Provide minimum health testing certificates for current breeding stock born after January 1, 2020 including:

    • Pennhip and/or OFA evaluated Hips​

    • BAER testing

  4. Provide a copy of contract​

All documents must be submitted and reviewed by the Ethics Committee. Only breeders who have met all the requirements will be approved for the CDAC Breeders Membership. Breeder Members must resubmit current documentation every year.

What are the benefits?

CDAC Breeder Members benefit from:

  • A profile page on the Canadian Dogo Argentino Club website that includes:

    • Kennel Name, Location & Contact Information​

    • Bioagraphy

    • Link to websites or marketing platform

    • Photo Gallery

  • Discount on Puppy Packages for new owners​

  • Discounts on entry fees and tickets to CDAC events

  • Discounts on CDAC Merchandise

  • Free admission to online Seminars & Courses

  • Access to document templates for Applications, Contracts and Co-own Agreements

  • Mentorship opportunities

The Breeder's Ethics Committee only verifies information that is provided, including the existence of registration, contracts and health testing. The Committee is not concerned with the results of the health testing or contents of the contract, nor is the committee responsible for dictating how breeders make their selections or run their program. The purpose of the Breeder's Membership program is to ensure that breeders are undertaking a basic level of due diligence and pursuing their passion with purpose.

Breeder Membership Application
Have you ever been cited or fined for animal related issues?
Have you ever been investigated or convicted of crimes against animals?
Have you ever been disciplined, suspended or expelled from a breed or kennel club?
How long have you owned or been involved in Dogo Argentino?
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Upload File
Do you have a kennel license?
Are you a member of another dog club?
Have you ever been investigated or convicted of any crime?
What activities do you participate n with your dogs? (Select al that apply)
Do you use a contract with all your puppy sales?
Do you conduct the following health testing on your beeding stock? Check all that appyly.
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